Xperia ray music player not updating Free aunties free nasty chat room porn

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I've fixed this by rooting my phone and install "system cleaner root" (note: only rooted devices can use this app and you'll probably lose your warranty when you root your phone) and run that application.

Recently tried to watch two movies on blu-ray but the sound was horribly wrong. I ended up using the sync menu to watch the film via the TV speakers, which seemed to over ride the home theatre speakers.

The trailers seemed to play fine, so I can only assume it's something to do with how the player is trying to stream the HD audio.

Don't get lost in dense manuals to keep your Android in working order, download Sony PC Companion and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

The Xperia ray uses the traditional droid Gallery, which hasnt really seen much change in Gingerbread.

If you have online albums over at Picasa those show up as separate stacks as well.

Sony Ericsson have added support for Facebook albums too.

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