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Or should it be design leads role to go back to those team members and make them rewrite the specs as many times as necessary (and this is really becoming painful) until they pick up enough skills to produce what's expected?

It all depends on the roles and responsibility as defined by your organization in their IS/IT policies.

Contact your School Content Coordinator or the Office Associate who is assigned edit rights for the web Calendar and Announcement list.

We also found them useful for discussion starting points since and also for reminding people that design needs to be considered before you jump into code.By the end of the Sprint they will be very close to the actuals.The disadvantage is that better estimation (and therefore analysis) during planning is potentially discouraged, since the team know they can always change the estimates as they go along.The advantage of (1) is that the estimated points reflect the truth as it is currently understood.Therefore if they are written on the story cards on a Scrum board, the information radiator will be telling the truth.

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