Kelly pickler dating taylor

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But months later, she shut those rumors down in an interview, saying, “My squad?! I don’t really have a squad, I just have friends.” She also said that her best guy friend is “not an industry kid; I don’t do industry kids” — hinting that she doesn’t like to get too close to famous friends.Even so, we know that Taylor has nothing but love for Zendaya.BUILD and Steve Aoki team up to celebrate his new album, "Kolony," & his new Dim Mak Collection SS 18 "Paradise Found." It was a performance that won't be forgotten!

PHOTOS: Stars who have battled cancer Pickler sat down on Ellen De Generes' show Friday and opened up about her decision to go bald with her friend. [We thought], ' I hope we don't have some crazy birthmark or wart or mole or something . "When Summer was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June we made a pact that we'd shave our heads together," she said.

The romance between Kid Rock and Pickler is “the worst kept secret in Nashville” according to a country music insider.

Yet their fans were completely unaware, and many have expressed shock about what they consider an odd couple.

Pickler used the hashtags: #Girls Trip and #Island Babes to label the photo.

After the fact, the "Best Days of Your Life" singer has continued to document her outings and the blue skies that surround her on the image sharing site.

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