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In today’s post, we’ll set up Proxy SQL to work in a My SQL Replication environment managed by Cluster Control.We will take a look at the metrics it provides to a DBA, and how this data can be used to ensure smooth operations.This feature allows you to queue a command to Bedrock that is executed asynchronously, without “blocking” on its completion.My SQL のレプリケーションは、安定稼働やバックアップ、負荷分散などの目的に利用できる優れた機能です。 bin-log (バイナリログ) を利用して Master サーバから Slave サーバに更新を伝播させ、データの複製を行います。Slave サーバでは、2 つのスレッドが動作しています。 IO_THREAD – Master から送られてきたデータを受け取り、relay-log (リレーログ) として書き出す SQL_THREAD – relay-log を読み出し、DB を更新するshow slave status \G *************************** 1.Scale Arc’s auto cache invalidation feature uses the transparent No SQL technology by extracting metadata from the query and tagging the cache objects used to associate cache entries with invalidation queries.With this invalidation method, Scale Arc can guarantee that its cache will not serve stale data.

back to top Set "memory_cache_enabled" on to enable the functionality of on memory query cache.Additionally, you can provide the value itself in the body of the request (which means there is no need to base64 encode binary values, or otherwise encode them prior to storage in the cache): Similarly, you can query the cache using a pattern.In this case, rather than querying a specific version of the value, we’re just querying any version available (which due to us invalidating all other versions on write, means this queries the latest version): header.When it comes to replication, at a minimum two types of backends come to mind - a master, which handles writes (and also reads, if needed) and slave (or slaves), which handles read-only traffic.In order to switch to a replicated cache, you have to configure your default-cache attribute as follows: Infinispan has, however, wealth of options available to further customize your cache.

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