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They are chatting intimately, addressing each other with che in caption 3 (cited above) and again in caption 13.

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“I didn’t think the wedding would have so many repercussions worldwide.”A court last year found Cingolani to be a “willing participant” in the murder of Johana. Johana was sharing a house with another man, Marcos Diaz, at the time of her death.

" But we put a special note next to our translation of "silly" because that's not the whole story.

Boludo or boluda is a slang word in Argentina that roughly means something more like "jerk." Use it with caution in the streets of Buenos Aires because it can be quite an insult, depending on the context.

If you are intending to hire a sleeping bag for our nights in the Torres del Paine National Park please let your leader know at this meeting.

In the afternoon your tour leader will take you for an approximately 2 hour orientation walk around some of Buenos Aires' main attractions.

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