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But I’m a big fan of meeting people when I’m out, and I also always try and make a point of seeing them again.”The thought of being “assertive about friendships”, as Rhiannon puts it, can seem excruciating to socially-awkward Brits.Even if we desperately want to make new friends, we have, somewhere deep within our cultural DNA, a hereditary terror of ‘coming on too strong’. Research suggests that it could be risky to rely solely on our old friendships: a study conducted by sociologists at Utrecht University found that we lose half of our close mates every seven years.Below you’ll find some ideas to help you find a partner and/or meet new gay and bisexual friends.If you are 18 or over, there are many dating websites where you can make friends or meet a partner. It's free to sign up and have limited use of features.

We believe you’re more likely to find a partner in Spice as we’re much more relaxed on our events, with people having fun and making lasting friendships. Most of the relationships we form throughout our childhood, teens and early twenties are circumstantial.In all likelihood, most of your friends are your friends because you caught the bus to school together, or shared a kitchen in your university halls, or sat next to each other in an office once upon a time. But sometimes, building friendships requires a little more conscious effort.Read More » Every journey starts with the first step; a clich but true.Here at Faith Dating were glad you have chosen to take that first step with us.

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