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And that is something powerful media brands can help with. Many people worry about the idea of dating services, and online dating especially.After all about 15 million single adults don't use dating sites! Their endorsement will add credibility to a dating site: if it is run by a well known media owner it must be safe, mustn't it!The founders declined Mark Cuban's million offer to buy the firm when they appeared on Shark Tank in January.They think the app can eventually generate around 0 million a year, like Meanwhile, venture capitalists are leery of giving any one dating startup too much funding. Just ask Mark Brooks, who has worked in and around the industry for two decades. It's estimated that 15% of Americans have used dating websites or apps, with numbers expected to rise in the next many years. Marketers have played a huge role in helping this industry grow from simple online personals to complex platforms with millions of users. New innovations and a growing user base now give marketers more data than ever to play with in online dating. No website has found the magic method of creating a love connection.So there are plenty more to attract to online dating. And revenues from personals such as dating are declining by 25%, year on year. While the UK online population is growing by 4% annually, visits to online personal sites are growing by 26%.But they will only come if dating sites feel safe and respectable. In contrast the online dating market is growing: at over 20% a year. Some 20% of adult internet users visit online dating sites, looking at an average of 213 pages a month. Media owners have a crucial role to play in attracting more people to online dating.

But there are advertising revenues to consider as well.Some entrepreneurs are tackling these dating challenges in the same way they handle their business: once you see a need in the marketplace, you find a way to fill it.Of course, dating sites like and e are well known, but here are the stories of two love-seeking sites created by entrepreneurs exclusively for entrepreneurs -- with some pretty impressive results.Looking to explore the online dating industry, 34-year-old entrepreneur Benji Kurtz launched a handful of niche dating sites in 2001 focused on everything from religious backgrounds to physical stature, such as height and size.Over the next 10 years, Kurtz's love businesses grew to include more than 1,000 sites in about 100 different niches.

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