Cougar a guide for older women dating younger updating ipod touch software

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The nephew said he picked up the term from players on his hockey team. I look forward to interacting with others interested in etymology.

So, 1999 is the earliest probable date we have for the term and it’s fairly reliable. The information you provided has been extremely helpful. Ulli I’ve been helping an ESPN reporter with this very question for a few days, so I can report that 1999 is a solid date--there is additional evidence to endorse it--and that anecodotal evidence has been collected from Canadians who were young and widely dispersed in Western Canada in the early 1990s that strongly supports its use then. I appreciate any information I can find on that topic.

Yet the budding cougar industry is threatened by an existential problem.

The ideal cougar — a Manolo Blahnik-wearing fortysomething with a fabulous Manhattan loft, fabulous friends, and a fabulous sexual appetite for younger men — is actually a media construction.

If you’ve read my book you know that I have a lot to say about expectations, or having lists of must haves. FERTILE HUNTING GROUNDS FOR COUGARS I asked Valerie why she thought it was difficult for women to meet guys. Sandra gave an odd example of a place to meet men, she said she went to a funeral with a friend who was lamenting the dating scene.

She said that Toronto, for example, is a huge city and that people don’t come here to find relationships, they come here to find a career and climb the ladder, relationships are not a priority. Most older women and men don’t generally go to bars or clubs, Valerie advises networking, hiking, tennis, etc., she also highly recommends travel, particularly Europe. She said she had given up, was done with it, that it was too hard, but before they even got out of the car, her friend saw the widower and said ‘hey, he looks really good and he’s on his own now.’ Her friend told her funerals were the new place to scope out potentials…eww.

It took me a while to read all past forums and archived information. I’m hoping someone can answer for me the origin of the slang word ‘cougar’.For Kutcher and Moore it was a comedy sketch that made light of their age gap.But in Hollywood today and across much of America, it is no laughing matter as the flood of older women romancing younger men has become a tidal wave.I’ve been told the implied use was a Canadian creation in use for at least 20 years. and it is the name of a recent television reality show. Ulli Most of its popularity stems from a 2001 book by Valerie Gibson, called Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men.However, I can’t find any information that confirms that. This is the sort of book you buy as a joke for your newly single women friends, but one that they will read with interest when no one else is around.

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