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Return to Article Index Return to Audio Index It seems like there should be a verse that reads, “To everyone God has apportioned at least one difficult person.” The truth is that we all have relationships that drive us to distraction, and one key challenge is figuring out how to set Christian boundaries. We see this in Jesus’ life, which is why He often had to set boundaries. Love their soul – Love is not taking the easy way out by being “nice.” Nice is an American concept, love is the biblical goal. Love sincerely – Love is the key ingredient in every relationship.

The good news is that while it is hard to set boundaries, you can learn to do it. He drove sellers out of the temple, rebuked the Pharisees’ hypocrisy, turned potential followers away, and left the disciples to spend alone time with God. When you love someone, everything you do is for him and nothing you do or say comes from a vengeful or punishing perspective. Have supportive relationships – Surround yourself with godly friends who will encourage and support you in doing the right thing. Take responsibility for your own actions – Rarely is the problem the fault of only one person. Be patient – A warning, if not accompanied with patience, is an ultimatum.

We have been looking at the Family of Origin influences on Personality issues when it comes to handling conflict solutions. 10 or more = We would encourage counselling for problems.

Here is another Personal Worksheet to assess your personal boundaries. It does help to print off the worksheets before you answer the questions. My parents frequently shared intimate secrets with me. , pages 115-116.) This worksheet is not designed to give you a diagnosis of any problems in your life.

Strong boundaries, on the other hand, can help you enjoy the friendships in your life more.

Learn about boundaries in interpersonal relationships. You can read a book, such as “Boundaries,” written by Dr. John Townsend, or take a class at your local community center or junior college on healthy relationships.

As Christians we feel a constant pull to do what other people want, yet in giving in to them we give up something else. Differentiating between forgiveness and trust does a number of things: First, you prevent the other person from being able to say that not opening up again means you are “holding it against me.” Second, you draw a clear line from the past to the possibility of a good future with a new beginning point of today, with a new plan and new expectations.If you have had flimsy boundaries in the past, you are sending a clear message that you are going to do things differently in the future.As you discuss the future, you clearly delineate what your expectations are, what limits you will set, what the conditions will be, or what the consequences (good or bad) of various actions will be.As the proverb says, “A righteous man is cautious in friendship” (see Proverbs ).

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