Adult dating naked beach

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Technically, it's a lot easier to just pull down your pants and expose your genitals.And why not do it on television to prove you mean business?

Then the original two choose which person they'd like to go on another date with in the real world, presumably with clothes on because, don't be confused, these aren't nudists, they're just people with inhibitions that have been diminished by the insatiable desire to be on TV but who didn't make the cut for the Bachelor franchise.Norman bends over to pick up the kayak and his bare butt is exposed.Norman rolls over into the kayak, his bare butt and privates are exposed to the camera.The former was up 51% from last quarter among the 18-49s with 325,000 watching while the later up just 19% over the last quarter’s average in the time slot with 252,000 viewers in the demo.Any so-called “reality” program which invites its contestants to go on a first date completely naked is obviously prurient on its very face; nor does it really deserve the appellation “reality show.” Nevertheless, this is what the formerly music-centered VH1 network is forcing down the throats of every cable and satellite subscriber in America with Dating Naked…and then rates the program appropriate for 14 year olds, to boot.

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